Teaser Life in a Fishbowl


The first teaser for “Life in a Fishbowl” is ready.

The film is directed by Baldvin Z who made the box office success Jitters.
Starring are Þorvaldur Kristjánsson (Black’s Game, Dracula Untold), Hera Hilmarsdóttir
(Anna Karenina, Da Vinci’s Demons) and Thorsteinn Bachmann (The Deep).

The subject is inspired by true events in Iceland but the film describes three
different world which collide violently. The subject is highly controversial and
will come as a shock to many.

The screenplay was written by Baldvin Z and Birgir Örn Steinarsson but Ólafur
Arnalds composed the score. Life in a Fishbowl will be premiered later this year.
Life in a Fishbowl is produced by Kisi production.